If you need change some effects you can; i made this psd with a hard work and i want you to appreciate this. You need to ask for my psd because others had more than 60 and  200 downloads and less than 50 likes or reblog’s. {sorry for my english}

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☆ Anónimo☆ 5 icons sin psd de selena gomez?

aqui tengo varios sin psd xx /mariana

selena with fans / masterpost


full size

full size


Psd 09 by 50tonsdeperry

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Hi, NEW PSD!!!

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hope you like and ilysm guys xx. -luissa

PSD 06. by dropsli4m.
If you need to change some settings you can. But please don’t take it as yours. This is for simple icons; the effect is simple to photos which you do not want to exaggerate the color, also has an optional effect. If you download like or reblog and shows my work out well. Likes inspire me.

If you want this psd;

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