jb packs

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pack 01;

full size

pack 02;

full size

pack 03;

full size


pack by @gamefthrons // dangericons

 instagram  candids  events  photoshoots  random pictures  music videos  my favorite!

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kendall jenner

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hbd queen

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- psd 19

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  • -Beth


  • psd by @ollgvamp
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E M O J I  pack by vampedit

versão em  p o r t u g u ê s 

este pack contem: 

  • 110 emojis 
  • todos os emojis com ótima qualidade
  • emojis em 100x100 pixels 

para ter o pack:

e n g l i s h  version 

this pack contains:

  • 110 emojis 
  • all emojis in high quality 
  • emojis in 100x100 pixels

if you want this pack, you need:


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If you need change some effects you can; i made this psd with a hard work and i want you to appreciate this. You need to ask for my psd because others had more than 60 and  200 downloads and less than 50 likes or reblog’s. {sorry for my english}

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